4 week subscription

I can’t find anywhere on the site that lists how many scoops come in one bag of Huel. Is the 4 week plan including 3 scoops per meal for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for 30 days or what?

Hi Webster! With Huel, there isn’t necessarily a specific plan to follow as every individuals’ needs are different. Each pouch of Huel contains approximately 14 standard size servings (500kcal each). Depending on how often you plan to use Huel and how much you plan to consume will determine your order quantity and frequency. Learn more about how to get started at my.huel.com/howto :+1:

Then why do you name it “4 week plan”? Is one 500 cal serving 3 scoops?

Hi @MARKSMAN! By 4-week plan, are you referring to our 4-week subscription service? One can choose the weeks they want their Huel delivered on. The 4-week subscription is just the most popular.

One 500 calorie serving is indeed 3 scoops!