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Iron in Huel and the Effects of Antinutrients and Vitamin C


Zinc in Huel and the Effects of Antinutrients

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Thanks for writing this. I’ve finished Jame’s article on Iron and found the complimentary article on Iron and Vegetarian diets that he referenced

Jame’s point about the body’s regulation of non heme iron absorption in relation to bodily needs is well taken. I think I was reading a Dr McDougall book where he describes how the body will absorb more or less calcium from the diet, depending on needs. If a mineral is only absorbed across the gut lining with a transport protein, then the body can up or down regulate the expression of this transport.

I imagine iron deficiency is far far more prevalent and more clinically important (in the overall population) than excessive iron stores. In my own line of work, I cannot remember seeing a patient who was diagnosed with or there was a mention of iron toxicity, other than sickle cell patients who can get iron overload with a blood transfusion (not related to dietary iron intake). But iron deficiency anemia is very common in the hospitalized patient setting. I’ve dispensed far more iron supplements than iron binding medications.