Huel should be eligible for EBT / SNAP benefits. I know I’ve spoken with a few representatives about this previously, and they were unfortunately a bit misinformed about how EBT / SNAP works.

I buy Soylent with my EBT / SNAP benefits, but would much rather purchase Huel. I’ve seen previously on this forum that representatives argue that Soylent isn’t available for purchase through EBT / SNAP and that is incorrect. As you can see from this imagine, through Amazon where Huel is also sold, Soylent is available for purchase with EBT/SNAP

I have a chronic, disabling health condition that makes it difficult to eat and therefore I get most of my nutrients through supplements. Therefore products like Huel would be very helpful for my diet. But, I also think that products like this should be available to low-income individuals who are struggling in general because it’s difficult enough to stay healthy when you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

So, why is Soylent able to sell their products to us but not Huel?

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Hi there! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I have flagged this with the proper team and we are looking into it. If there is an update to share on this I will let you know :two_hearts: