WTS Flavor Boost pouches + Matcha powder

Purchased 4 of the flavors for the UU Huel and I do not care for them no matter what I try to do or what sweeteners I try to add. Just gonna go back to my chai latte huel shakes.

1 Cappuccino (unopened)
1 Chocolate Mint (opened 1 Tablespoon used)
1 Chocolate (opened, maybe 2 Tablespoons used)
1 Banana (opened, maybe 2 Tablespoons used)

Also 2 pouches of Matcha 100 grams ea. One is opened, 2 tablespoons used, other is not opened. These were $20 on Amazon.

Paypal accepted. Shipping $6 or local pickup (Schenectady area NY).

PM offer for all or some.