Good report from my Sugar Doc!

Just had my official A1C done, got a 7.4! That’s down a little more than a full point since the last check, 3 months ago. I changed my diet after the last check and saw a slight decrease, but the biggest drop has been in the last month and a half (or so), and I’m blaming Huel. :grinning::sunglasses:

My routine is Huel for breakfast and lunch, Monday - Friday, real food for dinner and on the weekends. I try to make the real food sensible, sometimes I do, some times I don’t. :disappointed:


An entire unit drop in Hemoglobin A1C is very significant. Excellent job. Many of the Type 2 diabetes oral meds will individually lower A1c by 0.5 - 1 units, as a general rule. So you’re doing as well or better than if you started a new med. Keep it going till you get to less than 6.5 !!!


Thanks! The rise was my own fault, I had been maintaining just under 7 with an occasional spike to 7.2 for a while. A bout of Don’t-give-a-crap-itis and some stress eating was the main culprit. I think I’ve got that fixed now. All that’s left is to get the weight down another 100 pounds. :sunglasses:

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Soon you’ll have to change your nick to
normal-size-daddy :wink: