When will my first order be delivered/shipped?

I subscribed Huel for every 6 weeks yesterday, but it is not shown in my order history. On my account page, it reads that “Your upcoming subscription is September 24”, meaning in 6 weeks! I thought my first order supposed to be shipped in a few days, and my second order will be in 6 weeks. Do I have to wait 6 weeks for my FIRST order?

I believe if you click on “Order History” it will show your first order.

From my experience, you’ll likely receive your first shipment by the end of the week, possibly tomorrow (depending on what time you placed your order).

I placed my last order on a Friday and it was delivered on Monday!

Edit: I just realized you stated that it is not shown in your order history, so you may have already clicked on “Order History”.

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Heyo! Your order processed on 8/13. Once tracking is available, you will receive an email :slight_smile:

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Thanks, paxton! Yes, I’ve checked the order history, but it was not shown.

Thanks for your quick reply, Tyler! That’s a relief.

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I’ve just received it, but a T-shirt was not included. Could you check it?