What is the AAU number of Huel protein?

This is not about "getting enough protein Deron, quit mucking up the threads.

eggzackly, what’s that AAU number and/or why isn’t there one?

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My understanding of the AAU number is that it tells us what our bodies are converting the protein we are taking in…into. Converting a vast majority of it into sugar is not that good.

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To continue without the distraction…
“Amino acids contain nitrogen, when turned into proteins the nitrogen remains in the body as part of the protein. When amino acids are converted to sugars the nitrogen is released and get passed in urine. Amino Acid Utilization can measure the amount of nitrogen in urine to determine if your food is being turned into proteins or sugars.”

I believe it was your post above where you said “but makes me wonder if I need to supplement.” This implies that you feel you were not getting enough protein. Was simply using your response to further this conversation. There’s no mucking. This discussion helps us clear things up. My unpopular position is that the AAU of the protein is unimportant and not something 99.9999% of the human population need be concerned with. It’s certainly interesting, but has no real clinical impact here. Humans have survived on natural diets for much longer than we’ve known the nitty gritty about amino acids and proteins.

If you are suffering from some degenerative chronic illness that is causing muscle wasting and are somehow not able to get enough total food, then I apologize. You might be one of the very few that might need to know about the AAU of a food source.

But for the most part, this is all majoring in minor things. No one with a functioning GI track and half way decent common sense needs to supplement with extra protein or know the AAU of their food. It’s all a money making industry built around a problem that never existed. Modern society never had a protein deficiency and 99% of our population never need use a protein supplement or pick a food that has a particular AAU, gym membership or not. I’m trying to save people money.

But you are welcome to present any evidence that Americans are suffering from an isolated protein deficiency and need supplementation or to worry about the AAU of a protein source. The all white rice diet was good enough to cure hundreds of patients with morbid obesity and malignant hypertension. The all potato diet has worked for people. The simplest starch based diets have proven to be completely healthy for humans. Protein is stupidly easy to get from almost any diet.

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I will not respond to a post that first chooses to put words in my mouth and then you proceed to argue with yourself implying I said it.
I created this thread to talk about AAU numbers, I get that you are probably a paid distraction, good luck with that.

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Do you get paid to post here Deron? It’s very clear that you ride herd on this site constantly posting the most positive thing you can come up with about HUEL or trying to head off by any means necessary serious inquiry.

I will add this to the thread, and it won’t be necessary for you troll it Deron, just let it be.

“While it is true that proteins come from diet, that is not entirely accurate, proteins are made by the body. Diet is important as it supplies amino acids that are building blocks that create proteins. Not all amino acids get turned into proteins, some are turned into glucose and are burned for energy.”

In simple terms we consume, or our bodies create protein, some or which is turned into mean body mass, the rest sugar. The AAU number shows which protein that we consume that will have an optimum value. Not too much turned into protein, nor sugar.

Can we please try and keep comments civil everyone.

My background is not sports nutrition but here’s my take and I will explain why AAU has not been calculated for Huel.

This book provides some more information on the topic and summarises well why I feel there should be no concerns over the AAU of Huel.

“some plant proteins have produced good results, comparable to those achieved with animal proteins. Soy protein isolate has the same overall utilization as milk, egg, or beef proteins (Young et al., 1984a,b). Contrary to the results found in rats, the addition of methionine does not improve the utilization of soy protein (Young et al., 1984a). A mixture of plant protein sources, particularly including small amounts of animal protein (such as milk) can result in an equilibrated nitrogen balance at a level of intake similar to that of animal proteins”

The mixture bit is key because that is exactly what Huel contain.

To calculate the AAU of Huel accurately, we would have to conduct our own trial. This is because there are 4 main protein sources in Huel: pea protein, brown rice protein, oats and flaxseed on top of the other nutrients that Huel contains which may affect the results. The trial is not easy to conduct, requiring a significant number of human participants and several controls to ensure the validity of the study.


Thanks Dan, that’s good info, loving the vanilla right now and I am all the more confident I’m getting what I expect from Huel, which is a solid and comprehensive source of protein along essential nutrients, thanks for the effort. Rog

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No response from Deron who normally is ready to pounce, must have nailed it about him, having shills post about a legit product is really lame, take what Deron says with a grain of salt… yeah, go easy on that salt.

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:muscle: flexbois and flexgals we outchea getting that protein, getting them muskles!

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You pretty much kicked him out of this thread and because he is not a troll he hasn’t posted here since

If you review, he suggested that protein absorption isn’t likely to be an issue for mostly anyone using Huel, so there hasn’t been much point in computing AAU. Deron is a pharmacist. I imagine he’s put together a few TPN iv infusions with amino acids/protein. He also lost a considerable amount of weight, so even if you don’t care about professional credibility his personal success is also noteworthy.

… you don’t care; i get it. You wanted only a *_Huel user to answer you with an AAU number. You’d probably have given James Collier a hard time for explaining why Huel doesn’t feel your one number is a metric they have spent time concerned about.

So w/e


yeah yeah, except for one thing, I kicked him out of nothing… I do not have that power, if he removed himself he has his reasons. Also the value of an AAU number should not be dismissed as unnecessary without fully understanding it, If getting one is too expensive or time consuming I did not know that, I hope Deron comes back and contributes when he can.

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Interesting topic with several perspectives being presented.

On the one hand, when we consider we, as a species, have evolved and survived on proteins in the 30 to 40% AAU, we can hope that Huel, a replacement for meals, would provide around that percentage. To intentionally seek to have a higher AAU, would be geared more towards people wanting a sports like supplement, which isn’t what Huel is geared to in my opinion.

That said, I think Huel’s AAU percentage exceeds the average 35% with Nitrogen Utilization (NU) of a perfect 1.0 (100%?). I believe the NU and information Rebecca steered us towards, and AAU are the same thing as suggested in this statement,

"This study identified the precise net nitrogen utilization (known here as Amino Acid Utilization or AAU) of various dietary proteins, which measures how much of a protein is actually absorbed and used by the body. "
Found in the document here, http://aminoacidutilization.com/ .

So, thank you Rebecca and thanks Huel for the vital information about your protein complex.

Also, for the more serious athletes using Huel, maybe by supplementing a diet of Huel with extra Essential Amino Acids, is a great diet for those wanting to use Huel for more intense sports regimen than casual every day living.

I think there is a big difference between the “more protein” hype, one poster seemed to think where the OP was coming from, and wanting a protein source that has a high bioavailable to the body. A quality protein matrix that has a high bioavailability, is what I heard the OP asking about and that should be of interest and taken serious by anyone, and to Huel, considering a mono-meal replacement.

Aint nothing wrong with a lil extra protein!!! :muscle:

Not a problem at all Rog.

Deron is a great contributor to the forum and I’m sure he didn’t mean any offence by his comments.

This is part of what the Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) shows. Our combination of both rice and pea protein means Huel has a perfect Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Scoring (PDCAAS) of 1.0.

You got it! We love protein too because it is the most satiating and thermogenic macronutrient.

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A cow consumes 24 pounds of grsss per day!
No humans consume 24 pounds of anyyhing?

Why is it like extracting tooth to get an AAU from HUEL?