Too much protein?

According to Huel’s nutritional label (I’m using Hot&Savory as an example), eating it exclusively for a 2000cal diet results in roughly 250% of daily protein intake. However, the recent study shows that a very high level of proteins/BCAAs negatively affects longevity and promotes age-related diseases. Too little is also bad, obviously. So my question is if it is possible to get a version of huel that results in something closer to 100% of daily value of proteins/BCAAs instead of 250+ percent?

Have you looked at regular Huel macros?

Huel Black intentionally has higher protein and lower carbs.

Also, the abstract of that article specifically cites animal protein as a source (particularly red meat) of [bad] - but Huel’s protein is plant based.

If you ARE using 100% Huel as your only nutrition, please see your doctor for regular/yearly metabolic panels. That will help you notice changes over time as well as establish baseline and trend data. I suspect if you are healthy you will be ok metabolizing the protein in Huel and if you aren’t [healthy/ok] then testing will help determine why

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The article cites protein and BCAAs which primarily (but not only) come from the red meat. I’m not using and even considering Huel Black specifically because of its crazy high protein levels. I’m looking for some input from Huel staff on this.

Hey Oleg - great question! This topic was previously discussed on our UK forum and I linked that here, if you are interested. I think you may also find this page useful, which discusses protein generally as well as higher protein intakes specifically.

As @miked mentions above, the review you linked looks mainly at red meat, which can have other confounding factors related to health and to my knowledge, dietary intake/lifestyle overall was not discussed.

The review also notes that the type of protein should be considered and in one study they cited, a “higher plant protein intake was associated with a lower all-cause mortality.” The review concludes that it may be beneficial to consume less red meat (and animal protein generally).

The RDA of protein is lower than what it actually is. This is to get the average person kind of in the middle. Not too high and not too low. You should be able to eat upto 1.5x your bodyweight in protein and be fine. Weigh 150lbs? Eat 225g of protein.

Do you have a scientific study to back this claim? Also, please define “fine”. How is this going to quantitatively affect a risk of cancer in 10 years?

Ask any sports coach or sports medicine person. Geeze…

I provided a link to a valid study. You prefer anecdotal opinions of individuals to the proper research, with control group, etc? And using appeal to authority? Ok, np.

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