What if I don’t want the free first time items?

I’m so ready to make my first purchase, however I’m a bit disappointed I can’t remove the free shaker, t shirt, and scoop. Does anyone know how I could order Huel without the free items? Thanks!

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Not very common to see someone bothered by free items. My advice would be to donate the shirt and shaker or give them to someone in need. The scoop is great

Really, disappointed?

Donate the shirt, shaker, and scoop to the Salvation Army along with other things in your house you may want to get rid of then get a receipt for your accountant and voila you have a tax write off.

Cha-Ching you just saved/made money.

It’s been a minute since I placed my first order, but I opted to not receive the shirt, so there must be a way. I vaguely remember there being some box to check or uncheck.

I hear that the new style shirts are pretty nice. But if fat loss is your goal and you stick with it, expect it to be too big within a year. Maybe sooner. Size down.