Usa orders foreign transaction fee and taxes?

First off after my first order I want to say great product. But as I place my 2nd order and subscription I have a few questions. I sent an email but never received a response. First why are USA orders sent to my credit card as foreign transactions where I get a 3% fee? Second why was I charged taxes on my second order and was not charged taxes on my first? In the USA food is not sales taxed.
Thank you

Hi @wstcstpla

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1.Our subscription system billing is currently being processed in the United Kingdom which could be the reason for the foreign transaction fee. Usually the fee falls off within 1-3 business days after your order is placed but if there is still any outstanding foreign transaction fees we’ll be more than happen to refund the amount back to your purchase.

  1. California charges a 7.25 percent tax on online orders which accounts for the taxes charged on your order.

Hopefully I was able to help.

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