Suggestion needed for only Huel Diet to loose weight and triglycerides

I am 23 year old male college student, work full time but exercise for me is just walking to my car and around my work. I am 200 pounds and 5’10". I have very high triglycerides around 700 and this test was done around a week ago on fasting. I have been having high triglycerides for almost an year and also my cholesterol is towards high range of normal.

I was following a dietician and my Triglycerides went down to 400 but it was really hard for me too keep up with making 4 course small meals everyday and going grocery every 3 day so I had to eventually quit. I am really new to Huel and found out online so was wondering on which Huel will be suitable for me. I am thanking about getting the gluten free one with flavors. I was wondering if taking the flavored will raise my glucose or is it fine. And I am thinking about doing solo huel diet and adding some fruits or need some suggestions regarding these. I dont want to get heartattack soon due to high cholestrol level so really looking to change my lifestyle.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for helping me out and would also keep my journey posted.


Hi @ScreenFreezer - welcome to Huel :slight_smile:

Huel’s nutritional profile should be beneficial to helping you lower a raised triglyceride (TG) level. Huel has a suitable ratio of fatty acids, is low sugar and high in fibre, including soluble fibre and lipid-lowering beta-glucans.

Unless you have a gluten intolerance, there’s no benefit to having Gluten-Free Huel, so any of our Powder flavors will be great - mix them up a bit for variety. The flavored varieties will have minimal effects on blood glucose - have a read of this.

Huel can contribute to as much or as little to your diet as you feel is right. We have had people follow a 100% Huel diet and this is a useful read.