Steven Bartlett joins Huel Board

This is a very cool day for us and I wanted to share the news with you all. I’m very proud to announce that today Steven Bartlett is officially joining the Huel Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Steve is one of the UK’s most successful young entrepreneurs. He started from nothing, like me, built Social Chain (a hugely innovative and disruptive social media agency) from scratch to hundreds of people, floated it on the stock market for about £200m, he has over a million followers on instagram, a number 1 podcast (dairy of a CEO), a best selling book, all before his 29th birthday, which is simply phenomenal.

Plus he is so intelligent, a genuinely nice guy, and has been a a Hueligan for about 4 year. So this was a match made in heaven.

At Huel we like to do things differently and Steven’s experience of challenging conventional ideas is a perfect fit as we continue to grow globally.

You can listen to the podcast I did with him here too, or anywhere you get podcasts, it’s e.35 - Spotify

You can read the Times article here… Social Chain founder Steven Bartlett joining Huel | Business | The Times

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Not like any of the people contributing to the forums have any good ideas, or came from nowhere to nowhere else but like creating ideas for other hueligans to share, or don’t have social media platforms to gloat over, and millions of dollars that make them important.
Bad post. Booooooooo, i say. Rubbish.
By the by, still have no clue who SB is and im not going to bother wasting my time finding out.
Trash post. Show the lowly struggling citizens living paycheck to paycheck that use your product some love.

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You can read the Times article here… if you pay for it*

Hey guys, I don’t know who this person is either, and there’s still no reason to trash talk. Showing one person some love doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t getting any love or aren’t worth any.

And here’s some love. Well done to all of us Hueligans who give a shit about our bodies, our health, and the health of the planet. Good on those of us who have perfected the art of imperfection and get back on the wagon of whatever it is our hearts are striving for. Kudos to us who give kudos to other Hueligans, who answer questions and offer up our experiences. I imagine there are a lot of silent lurkers on the forums who greatly appreciate our posts because it gives them guidance when they don’t want to speak up. Bless the entrepreneurs who are building, have built, and will build something from seemingly nothing, especially the change makers. I consider myself and my colleague in the “are building” category (and man, could we use some support). Feel loved and appreciated, folks. You matter.


As someone who sits on a few boards, it’s always refreshing when some new, young blood joins. Pretty excited to see what comes of it, as you’ve been a pretty innovative organization thus far.

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Seems more in-line as an “internal memo”, don’t ya think!?

Ah well, i wasn’t trashing no one, and it doesn’t look like anybody else is either.

Just putting my thoughts out there that i felt this is an inappropriate post.

It’s worded poorly to say the least. “Look here, Hueligans! We like taking your money, we know you’re not smart enough to make your own, but we have EXCITING NEWS!! A new board member with LOTS O MULLAH (which makes him extra smart)!!” - how it comes across.

We don’t all have the same opportunities. Put that in your shaker :grinning::+1:

I appreciate Julian keeping us informed. The post was entirely appropriate for this forum. I’m sorry that it seems to have caused you enough distress that you chose to react so negatively.

In a forum where explosive diarrhea is often discussed as “normal reaction to increased fiber”… you suggest that any topic might be inappropriate?

I frequently have issues with word choice. I hate being called a hueligan because it sounds too much like hooligan and while the similar sound might be cute, I don’t like the association to the negative… but you know what? People don’t care.

So nacho, I hear ya on the word choice or tone criticism… but people don’t care… you sounded critical so you’re the one who has the problem. I acknowledge you/that it sucks/we’re in the same boat. :slight_smile:

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Informed to what end? If they were changing the formula again I would appreciate the opportunity to chime in by the staff informing me. That would have an impact on both consumers and company. As it stands, formula is changed with no warning and we get to decide if we want to keep using the product.
Huel informing us of all versions/options would benefit both consumers and company by allowing consumers to choose a better diet and the selling of more product. As it stands Huel decides what to sell in each market at a loss.
There’s “information” that is relayed to an audience for the purpose of making sound decisions or knowledge, then there’s information that is counterproductive or vacuous.
The announcement of a new board member doesn’t alter the recipe, address any concerns or ideas posted on forums, etc.
It’s also difficult to know when a person is being cheeky or, as you have it, negatively affected, by someone’s word choice in print. This post affects me in no way negatively, i was sarcastically pointing out that the post is absurd.
That there is no real information being shared to consumers, as previously mentioned in this response.
Good for you.
Stay informed :relieved::ok_hand:

explosions being a direct result of consumption should be discussed. Huel might take note and look to find a way to reduce…disasters.
Other adverse reactions I’ve read about are lightheadedness, dehydration, excessive gas, and abdominal pains. As long as they keep causing distress people should bring it up so, again, huel might take preventative measures.

People do care…is why they post thoughts on forums. For others to read, talk about, companies to address products, etc, etc…i worded my response incorrectly, but there’s a difference between not caring and poor word choice.

Thanks for hearing that…or…something

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Hmmm, been a while since my initial contact, Julian…thought maybe you’d clarify your statement.
Guess i was pretty spot on, huh?!
Not a good look for Huel.