Question what is 1 cup

When it’s says “1cup” does that mean 1 scoop or 1 actual cup… I just need to know how to get 500 calories

From the website: “Three level scoops of Huel is 114g = 448 calories (vanilla); 457 calories (unflavored/unsweetened)” Source

It means one actual cup. I’ve been using a Soylent scoop since I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a Huel scoop with my first order, and the Soylent scoop is 200 calories or 2/5 of a cup. Edit–thank you to mthomas1987 for addressing the volume of the Huel scoop.

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FWIW, the Huel scoop is approximately 1/3 of a cup. I personally exclusively use metal scoops because it prevents the powder from clinging due to static electricity.

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Hi all! Just for clarification, 127g of Huel powder is the standard serving size of Huel. 127g is equivalent to 3-4 scoops or about 1 cup. Since Americans don’t typically use food scales, we recommend starting with 3 scoops and adding more or less depending on your personal preference. :+1: