Order taking longer then usual

I’ve placed an order july 9th and it usually comes quickly but I haven’t got an update or any response and I’m at my wits end

I ordered my first Huel on July 9th too and I got tons of emails but nothing saying it shipped! They took my money but can’t ship my order? So frustrating!!! I want to start it!

Same here. I ordered on July 9th as well, and no update or shipping information. I’ve sent an email to support and no response there either

I also submitted my order on the 9th. I did get a response from support; they said they resubmitted the order. I must say support did respond very quickly, and sorted out the another problem I had, but I am puzzled by the long delay in shipping time. Not enough staff? More orders than anticipated?

I haven’t gotten an update or an email from them at all. It’s all just in limbo basically

Hey Juliet. We responded to your email on July 2nd. Your order was delivered on 7/03. I’ll PM you the tracking.

Hi! I don’t see any orders or accounts attached to this forum email. I’ll PM you now for more info.

My huel order is under a different email then the one I use for the forum