New Vegan in my Home

My wife has been a carnivore her entire life.

I became a vegan about 8 years ago to improve my health and to add years to my life.

A few weeks ago, I ordered all of your products because of the nutrition, flavors and convenience.

I must admit the bars are for my wife.

Last night, she ate a chocolate bar and liked it; today she took one with her for lunch.

It looks like we have a budding vegan in my home.

Thank you, Huel.

Hey @jackhaydon - welcome to the US Huel forum!

Amazing to hear this! :heart:

My all-time favorite tip with Huel Bars is to unwrap, place the bar on a microwave-safe dish, and microwave for 10 seconds or less. It warms them up slightly and I think it’s delicious - especially as the colder weather arrives in New York!