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As promised, I’ve hit a full 2 months on diet of Huel, and I’ve gotten my lab results back! I’m really happy with the overall results I’ve gotten over the last 2 months, and I plan on continuing with the Huel. Here are my updated labs:

Start -> 2 Months

36 yr old male, 5 ft. 9 in.
BP 127/72, Pulse 51 -> 123/74, Pulse 51
207.2 lb -> 196.2 lb
19% BF -> 13.2% BF
BMR ~2036 kcal -> 2042 kcal
Lean Body Mass 169lb -> 170lb
Total daily energy expenditure 2952 kcal, based on an activity modifier of 1.4
ICW 76.3 -> 78.5
ECW 45.4 -> 46.3
TBW 121.7 -> 124.8
ECW/TBW ratio 0.373 -> 0.371

A/G RATIO 1.6 -> 1.5
ANION GAP 11 -> 15 mmol/L
GLUCOSE 90 -> 84 mg/dL
SODIUM 139 -> 141 mmol/L
POTASSIUM 4.3 -> 4.2 mmol/L
CHLORIDE 103 -> 104 mmol/L
CARBON DIOXIDE 30 -> 26 mmol/L
UREA NITROGEN 20 -> 32 mg/dL
CREATININE 1.2 -> 1.2 mg/dL
TOTAL PROTEIN 7.3 -> 7.3 g/dL
ALBUMIN 4.4 -> 4.4 g/dL
CALCIUM,TOTAL 9.1-> 9.4 mg/dL
BILIRUBIN,TOTAL 0.6 -> 0.7mg/dL
AST 42 -> 54 IU/L
ALT 44 -> 59 IU/L
eGFR 69 -> 69
CHOLESTEROL 157 -> 111 mg/dL
HDL CHOLESTEROL 45 -> 39 mg/dL
CHOL/HDL RATIO 3.5 -> 3.2
TSH 2.84 -> 3.28 mIU/L
TRIGLYCERIDE 90 -> 105 mg/dL
LDL (CALCULATED) 94 -> 57 mg/dL
HEMOGLOBIN A1C 5.3 -> 5.2

No abnormalities in any of my basic metabolic panel or electrolytes to report. The biggest changes were in weight, body fat, and cholesterol. I lost 11 pounds of fat over 8 weeks, which is actually a little more aggressive than I had planned on. This amounted to almost 6% decrease in body fat. My total cholesterol decreased by ~30%, and LDL was almost cut in half. I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic change in cholesterol, but I’m really excited with those results. My A1c dropped slightly, but A1c is a 3 month average, so it’s only partially accredited to the last 2 months. My calculated lean body mass actually increased by 1 pound, which was a concern of mine when I started. Overall it’s been a great 2 months for transformation!


This was great. Awesome results! I just wish it was truly just 100% Huel. About 18% of your calories came from other sources. Making it an 82% Huel diet. Perhaps it would have been too difficult for you to get your protein needs by just consuming more Huel.
I just ordered my first 6 bags of Huel. Planning on going 100%. No added protein, supplements or coffee. The protein in Huel is already close to double what I currently consume per 2000 cal.
I’m excited to give this a try. Unfortunately, I won’t have the labs or body mass testing equipment.
Thanks for sharing!


I am doing Huel and water. The only other calories I get would be from green tea with a little sugar. I made it 17 days so far. My story is a little different, as I started because of a severe health issues, but I am very happy to realize someone already proved the long term viability of consuming it as a primary source. I also want to get regular blood tests, and plan to stay on Huel and water for as long as I can. At this point, I was so messed up, I am scared to consume anything else until I get a proper diagnosis, if I can ever find a doctor who really listens and tries. My primary doctor is sending me to colitis specialist next week that is supposedly good. I was diagnosed with IBS in spite of a lot of things that contraindicate IBS, including a family history of Crohn’s. Good doctors sure are hard to find…


Dang, Johnnie. I hope your Gastroenterologist can find the proper medical help for you. Inflammatory Bowel can be really difficult to deal with and causes some really annoying symptoms. The good news is there are several new “biologicals” and other immune modulating drugs available with more success should the older drugs fail. It’s sometimes a matter of convincing the insurance to cover them.

So does the Huel help with the symptoms?


Thanks very much. Huel helps with the symptoms for a very simple reason. It provides solid nutrition that is consistent and it does not promote inflammation. I do not thing Huel and water is necessary for everyone, but I
had tried a lot of diets and exclusions that never worked, so I used it as a diagnostic step. Eliminate everything unnecessary, drink Huel and water and pay attention to what happens. I did not expect it to work that fast though, so it was overwhelming. It really helped me understand for certain about the inflammation, but I had not really understood how far outside of the digestive tract it had gone. Another present from Crohn’s, if that is it.

Whatever it was, I went to them for help, and I do not know why they did not check for obvious clues. One of the signs gastroenterologists could look for would be visual indicators for inflammation. Swollen eyes are a possible complication of Crohn’s. My Mother tried going on Huel and water last week, and she also said he vision improved and she had not realized all the swelling. She is eighty and has a host of issues at that age. She says she could only sit around for a month. I bought her some Huel and today she was digging potatoes out of the ground, her vision improved and she is feeling better in many ways, including the GI issues. She is not quite there yet, but getting close to similar results to my own. She was never diagnosed beyond it being colitis, but somehow she got a more accurate diagnosis without trying, and I was stuck with the IBS for years, basically making my condition worse by taking some of the medications and following diets that would never work.

All I know for sure is most of the suffering was from the massive systemic inflammation I had, whatever the cause. Once that subsided, I felt much better, but do still have something in there. Going on the Huel diet made it go from a dragon to a mouse though, so it barely phases me. I made an excruciatingly lengthy and overenthusiastic post when I realized what happened. I literally had some difficulty mentally processing such good results after a fifteen year struggle and more tests that I can count, so please forgive the excessive enthusiasm in the post.

I think another key benefit is simply calories. People suffering with IBS or IBD become leery of food, so we eat less and then our body has even less energy to fight. My realy improvement was going above my minimum needs per day. That is when the body starts really repairing, from what I observed.