New Scoop Serving 1 or 1/2?

Do the new short bowl shaped measuring scoops equal a half or whole serving each?

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I got my measuring scoop a few weeks ago. From the bag a “single serving” is 400 calories/2 scoops. So a single scoop is 200 calories or half a serving.

Hope that helps!

Well yes that’s what I thought, but before they sent me my scoop I looked on their website and it stated 1/4 cup is equal to one scoop, I was using this method for my first week.

They sent me my scoop finally so I used that and out of curiosity poured it into my 1/2 measuring cup and it nearly filled it up minus a smidge.

So I’m unsure if I’ve been incorrectly measuring or if they’ve made the scoops bigger .-.

Hi Jacklyn. A full serving of Huel (100g) fits in a heaping 3/4 cup which is about two scoops.

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A LIE!! IT’S ALL A LIE!! :scream:

um, forgot what i was talking about…
just started with Huel about a week ago. have come across some tasty mix concoctions, might want to give them a try! sometimes i use a heaping scoop, sometimes i level them off as well as. depends on how you like your shakes. i prefer mine thick, ice cream shake thick. most of the time. sometimes i just want a light quickie before i head out the door… we’ve all been there.
enjoy. :+1: