New Glycemic Index (GI) Results

Hey everyone,

We have some new results to share. If you’re unsure what the GI is you can check out our article here. Remember anything below 55 is classed as low GI.

v3.1 Bars - 36

Black Edition - 19

If you’re wondering why Black Edition has a slightly higher GI than v3.0 (16) it’s most likely due to differences between the people that took part in the trials.


Can you better explain how the GI score of a food is dependent on the people who eat it?

Sure! To determine the GI, trials are run using human participants to measure their blood glucose. The response of a person’s blood glucose to a food (Huel in this case) can vary slightly.

Responses will also vary from person-to-person.

An average is taken of all the peoples’ blood glucose in the trial and that is used to determine the GI of a food.


Interesting… For some reason (and I’m no expert), I would’ve expected black to have been lower than regular due to the lower carbs. Then again, I guess that’s a rather primitive way of thinking about it.

I agree with you! Lower carbs + higher fat normally means a lower GI, but I guess that at with such low GI values the difference between v3.0 and Black Edition is very small. @Charlotte_Huel might have her own thoughts on this.


I completely agree with all that has been said too @Dan_Huel!

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