Glycemic Index Results - Complete Protein Bars & RTD v2.0 🎉

:rotating_light: Some exciting nutrition news to report :rotating_light:

I’ve just been told we have the results back on the glycemic index (GI) of two of our newer products!

But first, if you’d like a rundown of of what GI is and what it measures, as well as the GI results for our other products, take a look here.

  • In brief here, GI measures the rise in blood sugar after consuming a food and anything under 55 is considered “low GI,” meaning your blood sugar will slowly rise and then fall after consuming, which is what you typically want!
  • Of course, when looking at GI values, it’s not to say that this is exactly how the food will affect you too as everyone is different, but it can give you an idea!

And now for the results

The Raspberry Complete Protein Bar received a score of 9 and the Salted Caramel RTD v2.0 received a score of 30, both of which are considered “low GI!” :tada: