Looking for Refer link for $ 10 off

Anyone want to send me a refer link for the $10.00 discount? Thank you

There is always some on the reddit.

Sure. https://huel.mention-me.com/m/ode/sc7wt-47651e6d1a

How do I find my link to give to others? So we can both save

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Go to your account (top right).

An then there is referral program on the left side of your account page.

You will get the opportunity to share a link or send an email or facebook. Or they can use your name as a code.

Here you go!

My friend used the $10 off thing. I am a subscriber. Can I put it towards $10 the next order of my subscription?

Thanks very much for using my link for $10 off; https://huel.mention-me.com/m/ode/ao6ho-alan-earl

Hope it helps!

Yes, you can! Follow the instructions here to add the discount to your next order. If you need any help, let us know!

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