Lizadizzle and The SNAFU Undo


Awww shucks :blush: Thank you! I really am giving it my best. I blame Huel :smiley: lol

I will DEFINITELY check her out. I am always open to everyone else’s methods of things - whatever those things may be lol.



@Lizadizzle Reading your story was like reading mine. One day I woke up and needed to lose 100lbs. Ugh. I started kickboxing about a year ago but needed to stop because I jacked up my back and found out I have some degeneration so I’m hesitant to doing anything too impactful, so I want to try some yoga. I think one of the reasons I can’t it haven’t lost weight is because I don’t eat enough - usually I miss a lunch or dinner. I’ve begun cutting out snacks, and choosing healthier ones when I do have them. I’m making sure I eat regular meals and I’ve lost a few pounds already. My order is coming tomorrow - woohoo. I’m planning on starting with replacing 1 meal and see how I do. This is my long winded way of saying - you go girl!


I haven’t had the chance to try the yoga that Teresa mentioned on youTube, but I have done a bit before and it’s really nice - even just for the stretches. I’ve got a “wonky pelvis” from an old injury and it aggravates my sciatica daily - so obnoxious. At any rate, the yoga definitely helps with the back pain - I can’t wait to try the lady she mentioned.

Go us :smiley:


I’ve made a plan to go to double Huel shakes this coming week AND I’ve started toying with sugar free / fat free Jello pudding mixes. About 5 grams of Jello mix is 15 or 16 calories and is a negligible amount to my macros. Today for lunch I’m doing:

400 ML Water
2 scoops Vanilla Huel
1 tsp Strawberry flavor mix
5 grams Cheesecake flavor sf / ff Jello pudding mix
[Edit 1: THIS IS AMAZING. O.O Huel’s regular flavor is usually really hard for me to overcome; not in a bad way - just like… no matter what you put in it - the flavor is there. I can’t taste the Huel in this - at all. All I taste is strawberry and … sweet. It’s not strawberry cheesecake by a long shot but DUDE - this’ll do.]

I imagine the Jello mix will thicken up the Huel so I’m adding the extra 100 ML of water. I usually only use 300 ML. Dinner when I get home is:

400 ML Water
2 scoops Vanilla Huel
2 tablespoons (!!!) of chocolate flavor
5 grams butterscotch flavor sf / ff Jello pudding mix

I may add 1/2 to 1 TBS of peanut butter to the dinner shake. I had good results with this combination a few years ago using regular vanilla protein powder. If you use crunchy PB, it’s a bit Snickers-y. It’s the flavor I was looking for earlier when I added the caramel syrup.
[Edit 2:Oh my GOD. IM DRINKING CAKE. I didn’t add the PB, maybe next time. This is glorious. Edit 3: Now with more detail! So in reference to this (the second) shake it really was that glorious - but after perusing the calorie content of the chocolate flavor / quantity used, I think next time I’ll use unsweetened cocoa powder. ]

Cheers! :smiley:

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

p.s. RaiderNation says FLY EAGLES FLY!! lol :slight_smile:


I never considered either of those mix-ins but they make so much sense. I always on the lookout for simple portable add-ins: ones that don’t require a blender, refrigeration, etc.

Thank you for sharing! I will definitely have to checkout the pudding mixes at the store.


Wow, lizadizzle! Your story is inspiring. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


I absolutely love your enthusiasm Liz


I am so glad to see that this is working well with someone who struggles with back injuries and fibro. I struggle with the same issues and trying to care for my 1 yr old son has really made good nutrition difficult much less lose any of the baby weight. I just started with a scoop a couple of times a day to ease my stomach into it. I’m hopeful this will help me improve my health too



So interesting! I swear this is what happens to me, too! I know calories in and calories out. But quality of calories don’t matter? I often skipped meals and was undereating a lot, but maybe I would then overeat another day? I’m not sure what caused my weight to just stay high even when i was undereating unless it was just stalled metabolism. Hoping Huel will help me eat more consistently. I have to say eating one full serving in one go is a challedge. I seem to take two hours to drink one down! :woman_facepalming:t5:


I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, being I’m not a trainer or nutritionist, but I feel like if I don’t eat normally then I eat awful at a later time. Additionally, I think if you dont eat regularly, your body tends to hold on to whatever you give it. So if you eat “good”, but in minimal quantities and then have an entire cheat day - instead of a meal, your body hangs on to all the fat from that day. Storing it for when you go back to not eating.

I have no idea if that’s accurate, but that’s what happens in my head. That’s part of my reason for including Huel in my days, even on Sundays when I have my cheat meal, there’s still a Huel meal in there.


Maybe someone can fill in the details??? Today I found a link to a video from a doctor that is also an author about why low calorie diets don’t work and some kind of fasting does. The simple idea was low calories still means insulin which blocks fat getting used for energy, which in turn leads to weight loss.

Not sure I’m all in on this thinking yet but it was very interesting. Anything that helps me learn how to lose 100 pounds and stay there I’m a fan of!

Thanks all for info AND INSPIRATION!!!



I actually touched on some of this in a previous thread. Go to the thread I linked below and read my three responses starting at post #6. I talked about how elevated insulin is the real problem and that lowering insulin levels will ultimately result in fat loss. I talked about the myth of “calories in verses calories burned” and that it’s really about the types of foods that we eat, rather than total calorie count.

Yes, indeed, if you eat a lower calorie diet, rich in sugars and highly refined starches, you will have a hard time losing body fat.

Exercise helps speed the process of fat loss in people who are significantly overweight but not because “exercise burns calories.” We burn calories when we sleep or sit and read websites. We are always burning calories. And, the body will adjust our basal metabolic rate at rest depending on how much we’ve exercised and how much we’ve eaten. Exercise vigorously for an hour and you’ll feel tired the rest of the day. You will spontaneously move around less for the rest of the day. Your brain will also compel you to eat more , especially soon after exercise is completed. The body maintains homeostasis. If you vigorously exercise and burn calories, the body will attempt to regain back some of it’s energy stores in anticipation of future exercise endeavors.

The real reason exercise causes overweight people to lose fat is because it helps with insulin sensitivity. Or another way to say it, exercise reduces insulin resistance. More insulin sensitivity means your pancreas doesn’t have to release as much insulin at meals, and now more fat will come out of adipose tissue in between meals. In a paridoxical sense, exercise helps you burn calories while you sleep. It improves insulin sensitivity, lowering total insulin amounts needed throughout the day, and thus fat comes out of adipose tissue and is burned during the prolonged period of fasting. Our longest time of fasting is usually after our last meal, while we sleep, before the next breakfast meal.


Sidebar: this is pretty much 100% the reason why I work out at night. I leave work, hit the gym, shower and do nothing until bed. It’s the best sleep I ever get when I do it this way. I can’t say it’ll do it for everyone - but for me, that works.


Yep @Lizadizzle I prefer my exercise after work. In fact, I will hit my rowing machine when I get home in an hour.

Years ago when I was on my massive weight loss program, I would exercise for 2 hours after work (I arrived home around 8 pm), eat my dinner, then go to bed an hour later, sleeping in a recliner. I broke all the supposed rules where it’s advised to exercise in the AM and don’t eat within 4 hours of going to bed. But I slept very well. Just had to be reclined to reduce reflux.


I sooo appreciate your post and tip! I just mixed a little bit of sugar free banana cream pudding mix, instant coffee, and chocolate powder into my morning drink (I only use 2 scoops Huel in mine generally, so with some extra water consistency was perfect. Super delicious!

I have one prepped for tomorrow using 2 scooper Huel, monk fruit sweetened matcha powder and a teaspoon or so sugar free pistachio pudding mix. Feeling adventurous! Thanks for the inspiration!


I’m a two scooper too lol, the Jell-o mix was a game changer for me lol :smiley:


Complete. Game. Changer.

I am loving this now!


Hey guys,

I wanted to touch base and explain my forum absence.

I’m still sipping Huel, it’s actually been a life saver lately lol. Anyway, I had a little episode with my heart at work in April and since I have a CDL + DOT card, I had to stay home. Doctor’s orders for rest were so obnoxious but I followed through. I had a procedure in May and got cleared back to work - thank God lol. Anyway, obviously I was banned from the gym while I was out and when I got cleared for work, I was cleared to go back to the gym.

So that’s where I’m at. I haven’t gained any, but I haven’t lost any either. Ugh. So back at it!!

Hope y’all are all well!! :heart:


Hope you are all well as well
(Or at least >90%)


I’m getting there lol I’m definitely better than I was. Nixed soda, red bull/monsters and wanted to die. I can sip on tea but not by the gallon (unfortunately) and all the juice I can stand. Basically, if it has a glorious amount of caffeine in it, I can’t have it :sob: So mainly, I just have to adjust to the lack of caffeine; which also translates into no pre-workouts. THAT translates into heinous and awful gym time. I’m used to that kick in the ass coming out of the locker room and now it’s like I’d rather sleep.

I’m sure I’ll get there before the summer is out, but Doc said not to push it. hmphhh

If anyone’s interested in what I’m “battling” (it’s hardly a battle, just obnoxious) here’s the wiki - SVT