Is Huel good for a "low fat diet"?

I understand Huel uses a macronutrient ratio of 37% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat, 3% fiber.

I would like the Huel dietitician to share his or her opinion on the use of Huel following a gall bladder removal surgery. When the post-op dietary advice says “low fat diet” - does that mean avoid the burgers and bacon and cheese, or fried foods that is the typical American diet… or unilaterally reduced fat of any type or source (saturated, trans, poly/mono unsaturated or animal vs plant vs seed)

If the purpose of low fat is to minimize the discomfort of learning how to process food without the bursts of bile that the gall bladder provides in response to a large load of fat, would the fat in Huel be generally well tolerated? Would it be sensible to introduce lower amount of Huel more frequently? Ex: instead of 90g as a breakast with none until lunch, make 45g for breakfast then another 45g for “second breakfast”? (to quote a famous Hobbit)

I love using Huel to get the nutrition in moments where I would skip food because I can’t decide what to eat. My newest challenge is going to be finding gluten and dairy free, and now, low fat meals for my wife after this cholecystectomy.

Please advise

fwiw, I would also like to hear from anyone who has had their gall bladder removed, specifically how Huel compares to other food’s digestive stress.

I wanted to clarify because I wouldn’t want to exclude anyone from sharing because I specifically solicited advice from the Huel dietitian.

Thanks for any insights :slight_smile:

Huel is not that ‘low fat’ - However, in respect of gall-bladder removal / glallstones, it’s a large fat dose that’s the main problem as fat is a potent stimulater of gall bladder muscle contraction.

So, Huel would be suitable, I’d just stick to a 2 scoop serving and spread it through the day.



The first week after the surgery she wasn’t able to comfortably tolerate about 45g in 300mL.

After about 10 days eating only vegetables and missing fat colories, she was eager to get the nutrition that Huel provides. (Always cold, yes it’s subzero outside right now but this insufficient nutrition cold is hard to fix on gluten and dairy free low fat diet)

Now that her digestive system has rebooted, I think Huel is generally good if spread over several smaller portions rather than fewer large meals.