Is Huel a UPF according to the Nova scale?

There’s been a lot of attention recently on Ultra Processed Foods, and the potential damage to the nutritional profile of foods as a result of unusual additives and the destruction of the matrix of fresh foods.

To what extent do these concerns apply to Huel?


The term ‘ultra-processed food’ (UPF) is a label intended to categorise foods that have undergone the types of food processing that typically couldn’t take place in a home kitchen. As Huel products contain multiple ingredients, some of which may have gone through certain processes, some people may choose to classify them as ‘processed food’.

However, UPF is a term that’s meant to indicate that eating sweets, savoury snacks, fast food, takeaways, ready meals, etc could be detrimental to our health. Unfortunately, whilst a large number of UPFs are, indeed, likely to be unhealthy if consumed too regularly, Huel products have been designed with science at the core and the food processing techniques we use enable people to have a nutritious, sustainable and affordable alternative to other foods.

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