Increased price of subscriptions

Hey everyone,

I’ve been subscribed to both the Huel Powder and the RTD for awhile now and I just noticed an increase in the prices for both. Is there an explanation for this? Normally it costs me $139.50 for 5 bags but now it says $152.76. It appears to be due to tax, but wasn’t the product taxed before?

We’ve adjusted the product price for California orders to reflect the sales tax in that state.

Hey, I’ve also noticed that that flavor boosts show up as 12 bucks in my shipping queue as opposed to $10 something with the subscription discount.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess it’s time to move out of state.

I’ll have to get back to you on this–seems like an error.

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I subscribed at $59.40, instead of one time ordering at $64. But once tax was added it was… $64. :frowning:

In the state of California there is no sales tax on food.

In the state of California there is no sales tax on food. :slight_smile:

I’m not a tax expert, but California has sales tax.

Both @Hueler and @Tyler_Huel are correct. No sales tax for standard groceries, but anything “assisted” (not sure of the correct term) gets taxed. For instance, buy a factory package of ham in the refrigerated section, no tax. Have the guy/gal behind the Deli counter slice you a pound of ham, taxed.


ah… Thanks Bigdaddy

This tax increase is incorrect.
California tax law is clearly posted online

There is tax because it’s an e-commerce product which fall under a different tax umbrella.