I own my man boobs, but

Ok, ok… Yes. I am 6’5" tall and I have man boobs. They arent too big, they arent too flabby, they arent voluptuous, but they are there. I own this proudly. However, I do try to conceal them whenever possible. Well I ordered a XXL Huel shirt, and you know where this is going.

Not sure what midget designed this light fabric’d, tight, belly shirt, but I am thinking I wont be wearing it until my Huel burns off all this extra weight and makes me shorter.

Love the product, so far so good. The shirts… you deserve a little crap for that.

I say this with all the affection and all the respect for a good product brand. Keep re-Hueling me.


Consider it motivation for a well-fitted belly shirt once you hit your weight loss number! :joy::joy:

All jokes aside, I’m 6’4 and was in a similar predicament… Great shirts, but I wound up giving mine to my girlfriend. She uses it as a nightgown, lol.

Too funny because true. :slight_smile: 6’3" 275ish here…XXL = straight spandex. LOL :slight_smile: Its in the closet for a while…

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Hey guys,
We hear you. The shirts have a bit more of a slim fit so if we update them in the US we will let our Hueligans know!

So glad that I have found this forum and topic, I thought I was alone with the XXL shirt size. I feel like a monster in it and I haven’t even washed it yet, I’m 6’2" and 240lbs. I can understand the “athletic cut” a little bit but when I lift my arms up the bottom of the shirt lifts up over my belly button, that just isn’t right for a XXL. Guess I really need to work on loosing weight and getting a 6 pack to show off my abs when I just try to scratch my head ha ha. It’s unfortunate because I would really like to wear the shirt and promote Huel, it seems to be good stuff.