Huel's 4th Birthday - share your photos with us 😊

Sup guys! On June 17th it’s our 4th Birthday and we’re piecing together a video compilation of pictures of Hueligans to celebrate you!

You might have already seen this on Facebook and Instagram, but if you haven’t then share your Huel pictures, as well as stories/experiences, by replying directly below, using #Huel on Instagram or email us at before the end of Tuesday (23:59 PST). By sharing, we will automatically enter you into the competition and those chosen will be sent some Huel goodies :blush:

We would love for you to take part in our birthday celebrations :tada:

Boring bit :policewoman: By sharing your Huel story, images or videos, you accept the Terms and Conditions, and are happy for your content to be used for marketing purposes. T&Cs here.

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I see yall are making a big huel about this hehehe

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popcorn is here with the puns! I appreciate a punny pun :innocent:

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Feel free to snag mine (any of them) off of @Lizadizzle on IG. There should be a handful and they should already be tagged but shrug that’s that fancy interwebs stuff.