Waiting on shipment; Excited to Share with Grandparents!

Just joined the forum, my order placed on Oct 16th was delayed but I finally got a shipment confirmation and tracking number, can’t wait. I’m looking forward to sharing Huel with my family, especially my grandparents, whose nutrition I worry about as they eat way less now and I don’t think they might be getting all the nutrients they may need. They already drink protein shakes but I’d feel so much more at peace knowing they’re drinking something packed with nutrients they may otherwise not be getting. Has anyone shared Huel with their older parents or grandparents? If so, what were their impressions and reception to the product? Happy Halloween


Oohh let us know how that goes. I have older parents (in their 70s) and both diabetic. They drive me BANANAS eating like crap - just whatever they want, not necessarily candy or junk etc… I would LOVE for my Mom to try this and it help her out.

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I love it! My grandma used to drink protein shakes in her later years as it was all she could swallow. I wish I could share Huel with her now! Let us know how they like it. :heart: