Huel vs thrive what is the better value

So this woman I have been talking to have been on thirive for about as long as I have been doing huel

Hers is a bit more expensive about 150 a month… tho she also gets pills and “patches” with hers mot just shakes

Does anyone know much about it? And if it is worth that much extra cash?

:slight_smile: This is the first thing that came up from a google search of “Thrive nutrition”. Multi-level marketing?

“The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently found Le-Vel in violation of the UK regulatory body’s advertising code. The health claims at issue included “enhanced weight management,” “immune support” and “ph balancing blend.” The claims appeared in a Facebook ad and Le-Vel claimed it was not placed by one of its promoters, though the copy starkly resemblances how Le-Vel describes the same supplement on its own website. In the end, the ASA ruled that Le-Vel, as “beneficiaries of the marketing material,” was responsible for the ad and said that it must not appear again in its current form.”

Here’s info on their patch:

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[Not aimed at the original poster. Just my commentary.]

Huel does’t claim to be a weight loss product. Their website doesn’t promote treatment of any condition. They simply promote it as nutritionally “complete food” and talk about why they chose their macronutrient ratios and ingredients. It just so happens that a lot of people who use their product end up losing weight. And some users may intentionally order Huel for this purpose, which is cool. When you have a well researched food with good quality ingredients it’s not a surprise that people who switch from fast food at work to Huel end up losing excess body fat. It also shows that it doesn’t take some new science to lose weight or eat healthy.

What?? You mean if I eat a low glycemic index food with fiber and drink more water and stop eating so much sugar I will lose weight? Whoa?!! When did they discover this?


I agree with @Deron, Huel isn’t intended as a diet food, so it doesn’t really compare to things like Thrive or WeightWatchers/WeightNot/etc.

Huel is just a way to eat more healthfully, in a world that throws fast foods at us like they were foods. It’s convenient in that you can easily measure EXACTLY how many calories you are eating, while with a more complex meal you either have to weigh every single ingredient and figure out how much of it you’re eating, or estimate (which traditionally most of us are notorious for estimating low and forgetting some of what we eat).

So Huel CAN work as part of a weight-loss diet (as can any food, but Huel is more convenient for calorie counting than most), but that’s not its main focus, so it really isn’t competing with diet products.


This is why I chose Huel in the first place. No fad diet marketing claims or BS. Just a complete nutritious meal made with real ingredients. People use it for weight loss, weight gain, convenience, adding nutrients to diet. I looked into Thrive and decided it was not for me. Anything that markets itself as a weight loss product and offers magical results just screams waste of money, in my opinion.


Thanks everyone for your opinion

One of my biggest issues with thrive is you have to be a “member” and be “invited” by a member to become one

And then you are given “points” on sales for people “below” you… I am questioning of it is a pyramid scheme…

That said there shake is yummy… but I think I’m staying with huel

Thrive is 100% a pyramid scheme. Reddit jas a really awesome subreddit called ‘antimlm’ that I would suggest looking into for more information. Apart from being ethically immoral, their products simply don’t work. I would avoid Thrive at all costs for the first reason alone.

I started using thrive 2 years ago and it worked GREAT the first couple weeks. after that, I started waking up with “brain fog” again. someone in my upline told me to stop taking it bc my “nutritional gaps” had been filled and that’s why it doesn’t work for me anymore. everybody is different so it may work for people for years and years but I don’t believe it. it’s super expensive, that’s why I wanted to try huel. now i’m just waiting on my order that was placed over a week ago. very frustrating that I can’t get a response.