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For the last year I have had a swallowing issue that I haven’t yet gotten figured out. I have had multiple tests and procedures and still am not swallowing any better than when this all started. I found huel about mid way through my condition and it has been a lifesaver. I have maintained most of my weight and noticed increased regularity and consistent energy levels. My only concern is long term huel intake. Are there any concrete studies done indicating liquid diets as safe and healthy? I’ve found some studies online showing if done right they are fine but I’m just curious if there are any health experts on here that have guidance. I’m not looking to do this diet forever, but currently I am intaking about 800 calories or so a day from huel and I get the rest of my calories from another nutrition shake and broth type soups and yogurt. Also as a side note I have done blood work a few months into huel and it came back fine, but I wonder the longer you are on it the more changes you will see.

Hey Tommy! Welcome to the US Huel Forum.

So sorry to hear about this and I hope you are able to get it all figured out soon. I know it can get quite complex and there can be multiple factors at play.

It really depends on the individual and what their medical history entails. If you have any sort of difficulty swallowing, this would be something to discuss with your medical team as they have your full medical history and would be better able to advise you.

More generally though, when it comes to consuming liquids alone and health, it depends on the types of things you are consuming and whether they contain adequate nutrients, as you also mentioned. You still want to be sure you are meeting daily macronutrient and micronutrient needs!

It seems from what you’re saying that you are having two servings of Huel per day? I don’t see anything wrong with this and many choose to consume Huel as two meals per day, but again it depends on your specific needs and history.

What kinds of concerns do you have? Just want to be sure I answer your question and address any concerns adequately. Let me know!

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My only concerns would be adequate intake of nutrients and getting enough calories. I’ve always heard liquid calories are not the same as food and also I’ve heard that not eating regular food and only doing liquids can have side effects. Also I’m mostly worried how my body will be if I do ever eat solids again for being on a Liquid diet for so long.

My main concern with someone consuming a liquid diet would be if you were only consuming clear liquids/juicing which usually takes out a bunch of nutrients including fiber.

As long as you are getting in adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbs (including fiber) as well as those essential vitamins and minerals, you should be good to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

In this specific situation, it depends on the reason behind the swallowing issue.

More generally though, consuming full liquids, soft foods (if applicable), and blending foods with adequate nutrient profiles should not be of major concern when it comes to digestion/absorption in a functioning GI tract. Usually, the reason issues may arise with solid food re-introduction is due to a lack of fiber while on liquids.

I’d just suggest when you are able to transition back to solid foods that you do not do so all at once and to gradually re-introduce.

Again, always best to check in with your doctor too!

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i’m not a doctor, so i’m not giving advice here, but having put in my disclaimer:

i was in a really nasty car wreck in march of 2018. my car was hit by a red light runner doing 65mph+ and nearly cut in half, and i was half stuffed under the dash. i’m lucky i had a safe car, because she was hit on the side; bits of her flew 85 meters away.

the paramedic was surprised to see i wasn’t a splatter, and that i was conscious. i was sent code yellow to the local trauma center, as it was considered very likely i’d need surgery quickly.

luckily i didn’t need operating on, but it was an extremely close call. i was bleeding inside, but not really badly… plus i was all kinds of messed up, including both big toes and both thumbs broken, a bunch of ribs displaced, a busted ankle and knee, a bunch of organs inside with contusions, and some absolutely amazing bruises. i still have a bruise.

anyhoo, i didn’t have a roommate and i don’t have a family, so i ended up mostly living off of huel for 6-7 months. as in, 90%+ of my calories.

my cholesterol went down (yay!) and i was surprisingly healthy after nearly 6 months of sedentary bed rest.

huel is now on my doctor’s tips list for a few things, including to help keep you fed during recovery after an accident.

i asked my dentist about a liquid diet, and he mentioned it wasn’t the best for the teeth, because teeth need a bit of chewing to maintain the surrounding structures and muscles. he recommended chewing sugar free gum with xylitol. i followed his instructions, and it did help with the desire to chew things.

sometimes i’d add crunchy fruit, carrots, celery or pretzels, because i really, really wanted crunch. something i could do easily without too time much standing and will busted thumbs.

oh, it doesn’t sound tasty, but it really is: japanese rikarudento grape mint gum. it doesn’t use the crappy grape and mint flavoring that is used in the usa.

so, anyhoo, i hope you find an answer to your swallowing problem, as that sounds awful! and i hope my long-winded experience was of use. be well :slight_smile:

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