HUEL - Perfect for Me

I am a single, 6’5" 53 year old man who weighed 261 when I started doing mostly Huel as my diet about two months ago. I eat out about once a week, lately two and eat whatever I want. In the gym, cardio for thirty minutes five days a week and try to stay busy at nights as I sit at a desk during the day. I love the change HUEL has made in my life. Save money by not going to the grocery store spending hundreds of dollars each time. Gained about ten hours of my week back not having to shop, cook and clean. I also quit drinking six months ago. I feel incredible and am looking healthier than I can remember. Three shakes a day with four heaping scoops has got me to 238 this morning. Get a little gassy sometimes, but it’s manageable. :wink: All in, proud, happy and feeling marvelous! Have a HUEL and a smile…Abudanza. :-):sunglasses:


I love hearing stories like this, @ramirezt. I’m so happy Huel has had such a positive impact on your life! Saving time and money while creating a healthier lifestyle at the same time is huge and I’m so glad you’re on this journey with all of us!