Huel granola in USA?

Greetings! I’m a Huel customer in the USA. I absolutely love Huel and have made it the foundation of my daily nutrition plan.

I recently received an email about Huel granola, but I must be on the UK mailing list or something because I see that Huel granola isn’t available in the USA yet. Any ETA on when customers in the USA might be able purchase Huel granola?

Thanks in advance!

Joel Morgan

P.S. I first heard about Huel on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2!

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I got that same email, I think we must be on the UK list. I was SO sad when I figured that out lol

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Huel granola is SO exciting (and delicious)! Sorry to get your hopes up! I would recommend unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the US mailing list just to be safe from future misinformation.

I wish I could give you more details about when the US market plans on having more of the UK products, but unfortunately, I can’t give away big news like that just yet, so all I can say is “soon”. :smirk::tada:

Hey, Teresa, thank you so much for your response!

One of the many things I appreciate about Huel is the fact that your company seems intent on growing properly and responsibly. So, I applaud the fact that you’re taking the time to do the granola rollout in the USA in the right way.

And I will be one of the first in line when you finally do roll it out here!


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Lovin’ the enthusiasm!

We’re working on getting it in the US; we’ll keep you posted.


:tada: First offical confirmation that there is work happening towards introducing Huel Granola in the US. :tada:

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