Huel caused leg cramping

I’ve been using Huel since late 2017. Once a day and most often twice a day. The past six months or so i’ve been suffering from night time calf cramping. To make a long story short, i stopped using Huel 3 days ago and the cramping stopped. Anyone else had or having this issue? I guess i should quit for good. I have 4 un-opend bags for sale, 2 chocolat, 1 original and 1 strawberry.

We haven’t heard anything of this claim before! Their shouldn’t be anything in Huel that would cause regular muscle cramping. I’m sorry you’re having this negative experience!

To be honest if you have been having Huel for nearly a year with no issues it could easily be something else. My suggestion would be to wait till the end of the week and have one Huel meal a day to see if you notice any difference.

Cramping can occur as you get older or if you put on weight. It may be also be an indicator that you are dehydrated but it is usually difficult to pin down the exact cause.

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I generally have a large jar of dill pickles in the fridge for snacking. If I feel like I need to replenish my electrolytes from a long bike ride I’ll drink a large gulp of pickle juice straight from the jar like the caveman I am.

My go-to treatments for leg cramps are more water and more potassium. Try drinking a large (16+oz) glass of water sometime in the evening before bed, or eat a banana. Either one or the other of these always works for me.

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I would think you want the opposite of potassium (which helps muscles contract)

Magnesium helps muscles relax.

Don’t overdo it on supplements (there can be too much of a good thing here) but it might be helpful to take before bed.