Huel black for liver disease

I would like to know if huel black could help for steatosis with nash. Im quite active as i do crossfit 3 times a week and dont take any sugary drinks or anything else and woukd like to take huel to help me get better. Would it be ok to take huel with this kind of liver issue?

You should probably discuss it with your doctor. I am not a doctor, so this should not be taken as advice from competent medical authority.

To my knowledge, there is nothing in Huel that would be harmful to such a condition, and many that would actually be beneficial. It’s low in sugar, it’s high in fiber, etc.

Hey @Chris1! Welcome to the US Huel forum :grin:

How often were you thinking of consuming Huel Black Edition and do you have any dietary restrictions or recommendations? One thing to consider a bit more generally would be the sodium content. Huel contains sodium due to the nature of the product being nutritionally complete.

I also agree with @Scythe that you should discuss any questions/concerns with your medical provider prior too, as they have your full medical history and would be best able to advise you as a result!

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