Fuel and Fructose Intolerance

I am 71 and have lived with Hereditary Fructose Intolerance all my life. I cannot metabolize Fructose.
This is an very common English genetic Disorder. I normally can only eat a very limited diet. With Fuel I seem to have found a way to slowly drop pounds and avoid my blood sugar crashing. I hope they continue using Dextrose and not cheapen the Fuel with Fructose. This has happened to me before with so called Glucose Tablets that actually contain Fructose. I can only have a Saline IV’s I hope this works, so far no issues. I mix with Physlium and Almond Milk with a little Olive Oil.

Hi there, it’s great to hear Huel is working for you! Huel contains no fructose and in total the powders contain 1g of (naturally occuring) sugar per 400kcal serving. It’s one of the key things about Huel that we are not changing anytime soon.