EAAs in Huel complete protein snack

I have been using Fortagen, which is a purely EAA product, in attempts to get much more usable protein. I have just received the new complete protein from Huel, and was curious how the EAAs are sourced is it by bacterial fermentation?

Anyhow, it tastes great!

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This isn’t an answer to your question, but check out OptimalAmino. Same MAP EAA formula for half the price.


What I am getting at with the above question, is whether or not my consuming Fortagen or other EAA products is redundant if I am also consuming the complete protein snack. BCAAs are not proven to do much in the way of muscle protein synthesis, but EAAs are, so long as they are made correctly with the right ratios optimized. Perhaps someone from Huel has some comments regarding how the EAAs are made or sourced, and whether they use MAP ratios?

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Hey @mskrad!

We have a nutrition page (linked here) that reviews the amino acid profile of Huel Complete Protein as well as where the essential amino acids come from.

Let me know if you’ve seen this yet or if you have additional questions or concerns! :slight_smile:

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