Dumb Question regarding serving size

So there was some confusion about serving size: is a serving one cup of dry Huel, or Huel + water = one cup?

One cup of dry Huel is 500 calories, each dry scoop is 150 calories, roughly.


@Monica has the correct numbers. In case it was not not clear that one cup of powder is also considered one serving.

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That’s not a dumb question, but if people look at your question they will probably not buy. This does lead me to say that to get one serving which is 500 calories, a person is supposed to drink 5 cups (40 ounces) of water (5 parts water to 1 part Huel)! That means that people like me that need 3000 calories a day have to drink 240 ounces of water a day, to do it all with huel!!! I officially regret my order!

No wonder they don’t spell it out on the website, it’s asinine.

I mix ~500 ml of water with somewhere between 3/4 c and 1 c Huel making the volume of one shake ~600 ml having approximately 450 calories.

There is another thread that tried to get clarification of the 5:1 ratio thing, but the staff reply still didn’t make sense to me.

I suppose the post-mixed volume of my shake does come out to about 5:1 but that is not especially helpful when needing to measure the dry ingredient (displaced volume in the mixture will not equal the measured volume).

Hi Matt,
I know the current instructions are a little confusing, but hopefully this clears things up. For a 500 calorie serving of Huel, you would use 127g of Huel or about 1 cup (3-4 scoops) and 16 oz of water. From there, you can adjust to your liking, but that is the standard we recommend starting with.

I just realized this inconsistency this morning. The instructions on the bag say 5 parts cold water, and 1 part Huel, and it comes with 1 scoop so initially people like me would assume that a full serving of Huel is 5 scoops of water and 1 scoop of Huel and then wonder why I’m hungry after 2 hours. Glad it was me and not my wife. Nowhere does any given order define what a ‘part’ is or could be.

I just read that 5 parts to 1 part is the volume? Come on, guys. Why isn’t Huel being a more explicit here? It seems y’all are unnecessarily frustrating/losing customers with your severe lack of clarity.

Also, then I learn on the website that I can’t actually get 500 calories from the scoop itself, using full scoops. I’m surprised the scoops weren’t made a different size to handle this; weighing is a pain. Why isn’t there a small piece of paper or notecard, at the very least, explaining these details in an order? These were rather frustrating things to finally understand. I’m grateful I understand now, but it seems crazy that these things weren’t spelled out from the beginning.

I’m trying to be kind while I express my frustrations. Sorry if I didn’t succeed.

Not sure what the complaints are. Huel site is very clear. Pretty much every mix is 3 scoops and 570ml of water (19-20oz).

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I believe this is because many people will mix it with fruit, milk, etc., all of which add calories. This allows for flavor-enrichment without straying too far from that 500 calorie number.

Do they no longer send a black “Let’s Get Started…” booklet with first orders? I found the booklet to have the easiest instructions which is part of why I asked about it being made available digitally.

I would still like to see the 5:1 ratio instruction addressed though because, other than what I observed about that being the post-mixing ratio, I have not read an explanation that makes it clear/usable for me.

The complaints are because I shouldn’t have to go to the site to know the basics of making a shake. I understand finding additional information on the site, but not the basics. Sounds like maybe I just didn’t get the little booklet that is supposed to go with 1st orders.

Nope, I received no booklet. I kept going back to my shipping box, thinking there had to be more instructions, but there was nothing. Things are fine now. If I just didn’t get my booklet, we’ll be fine, though I’d still like one from them. I just hope Huel fixes that for future customers.

I understand adding extra fruit and whatnot, just makes more sense to me to have a scoop that’s more definitive. People adding extra fruit can always use a half scoop. I just would have expected the base thing to be 500 calories with 2-3 scoops. To me, it’s strange, but I guess not to others.

Hi Devin, I can certainly have a booklet sent your way. I’m sorry that it didn’t get included with your order.

I know the current instructions are a little confusing. The issue really comes down to the difference between volume and weight. The only way to 100% accurately measure your caloric intake with a product like Huel would be to weigh it using a food scale. However, it’s not necessary as using 3-4 scoops will get you in a close ballpark of the 500 mark, so it just depends how closely you are measuring your caloric intake. We have updated instructions and other things in the works to make things simpler, but volume and weight will always be different no matter what unfortunately. :sweat:

A booklet would be nice, which I imagine would just be in a simple envelope, unless I have a new order shipping soon. I’m over the scoop size; it was a bit ridiculous to get so worked up over that. A booklet or sufficient instructions included in the order would have resolved all issues with the scoop size. Thanks.

A question though: what purposes did Huel envision with the barrier thing? Was that just for drinking with ice or does it make it easier to shake without ending up with any clumps? I frequently have leftover clumps.

What I would recommend is to ensure you are putting in liquid before the Huel powder. When powder is put in the shaker first, it is harder to get rid of clumps. Also, adding a few ice cubes can help with clumps too.

We have a booklet on its way to you. :+1:

I would further add that following the instructions (you should see in the booklet) about doing some liquid, then powder, then the rest of the liquid is worthwhile. If I do all the liquid then the powder, I seem to have more clumps which I attribute to there being less head room when shaking.

Most of the time I have no or minimal clumps; sometimes I end up with a bigger clump though I have not yet figured out why yet. I know if I am slow at shaking after adding the powder it seems like I am more likely to have clumps.

Oh, and to directly answer your question, the grate is to break up clumps. I don’t have my bottle with me right now or I would look up the maker of the bottle itself hoping they would have an info page I could direct you to. I know it is printed somewhere on the bottle; check the bottom perhaps?

I do all of these. Thanks. Sometimes I still have some issues with clumps.