Can I add a flavor to my sub and I switch it up every month?

So I have a monthly subscription. I see that I can edit that, but I don’t see an option to add to it. I’d like to 1-2 flavors with each order and maybe switch up every month. Can I do that?


You can update your flavor preference of our powders as long as it is within the same version.

@Domenique_Huel Thanks for the reply but I mean the small flavor packs. Like I’d like to add strawberry today, maybe pumpkin spice next month. I’m thinking about just canceling and starting a new sub because I want to order another shirt, lol.

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this is a good idea
implementation problem to solve

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You can still add single-flavor packets to your current subscription.

You just need to head over to your subscription platform, go to “Upcoming deliveries” and then hit on the “Add more products” where if you scroll down you should see the flavor boost option and once you click on it you will see the different types of flavors you can add to your current subscriptions. Hope this helps!

You can always come back and modify them, either cancel the current flavor and then select a new one using the same process every other month. You just need to make sure to make these changes at least three days before your next order processes.

Got it! Completely missed that option. Thanks!!