Can Huel add these 12 Dopamine Supplements to Boost Your Mood?

Can Huel add these 12 Dopamine Supplements to Boost Your Mood?

I love Huel and have benefited a lot from it. I’ve been doing research into supplements that can make people feel better. Especially if people aren’t getting enough of these supplements in the first place.

What a great addition HUEL MOOD BOOST would be.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Hey Michael,

Thank you for your suggestion!

There are probiotics in Huel but I wouldn’t link probiotics to mood boosters. The evidence for this is very weak if any.

I’ve researched a few of these ingredients quite a lot so I focus on them to give you a better overall view. Curcumin I would say there is not enough evidence for, the article highlights “one small controlled study” but we need way more as highlighted here.

Oregano oil, green tea and berberine are the same. There is a real lack of studies in humans.

If you want ways to keep your mood on the good side then ensuring you are not deficient in magnesium is likely a good idea. Exercise and fulfillment in your job are my two other suggestions for now.


Magnesium as mood booster? Could you then just add more magnesium to your powders?

And what exactly was the reason for adding prebiotics? I am asking just because I am curious and haven’t found a good answer for it, as the are said to be weakly linked to a variety of totally different effects…

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’m always a bit hesitant of linking any nutrient to boosting mood because the evidence is weak.

Another term for prebiotics is fermentable fibers. They are fibres which are used by the good bacteria in the gut as food so contribute to gut health.