Cadmium/lead in chocolate huel

Some cocoa powders are known to have high heavy metal contents.

What is the heavy metal content of the cocoa powder in chocolate huel?

I noticed that the lab report on the following page only lists the heavy metal content of the berry flavored huel:

Hey Paul,

You’re absolutely right there.

We get our cocoa powder from a reputable supplier and have no reason to suspect that the heavy metal content will push Huel into unsafe levels. There’s around 6% cocoa powder in Huel Powder v3.0 Chocolate.

It’s not something we have tested for a while. If you are concerned and would still like some more recent results please let us know and we will arrange for this to happen once our labs have started testing for heavy metals again.


Hello Paul, will Huel be testing if there are any impurities in your product. With such a great product I would be a disaster if there was some bad stuff in it.
Your loyal customers like me LOVE Huel because of the healthiness of it.
Will there be tests?

Hey Michael, I presume this was directed at a member of the Huel team, which would be me. The link shared by Huel shows some of the tests we conduct and we do a whole range of tests for things like pesticides.

Is there anything in particular you want to know more about?

Hello Paul,

Thanks for reaching out. As long as you do tests that is good to hear.

Take care,