Wrong shipping address!

I just signed up for the new hot and savory product this morning. But when I checked the orders page the order shows the wrong shipping address. My shipping address is different from billing address. But i see my billing address as shipping address.

This is my second subscription. My first one didn’t had this issue. I immediately tried to contact the support by mail and on Facebook. But there is no response. I am very much disappointed for the experience. If anyone from the support can message me i can give them the order number and correct shipping address.


Hey Srikar! We apologize that we did not get to you sooner but I see that someone from our CE team was able to email you and sort it out!

Thanks for the response. I see that my address is updated for upcoming delivery but the current delivery still has the same address. As I placed the order this morning I am assuming the order hasn’t shipped yet and the address can be updated for current order. Let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Of course- We will reply back on email if these changes were made!