Switching to a mostly Huel diet?

Background - I eat a mostly plant-based (>95%) diet of fruit, veggies, grains, and starches only (eat out on weekends occasionally). I do it because it makes me feel great, but the problem is I hate fruits and veggies and grew up as a meat and potato football (american) playing type.

As a result, I’m always looking for a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get the majority of my calories while eating plant-based but not actually having to… eat… the food. Currently I get nearly half of my calories from smoothies of fruit/veggie/vegan/protein powder, with the remaining 50% coming from starches and grains (mostly in form of oats).

That said, I have been interested in Huel for a LONG time as it fits just about everything described. I would be interested in trying to have Huel for a majority of my calories, as in for 4 meals a day. I would still be eating out two or three times a weekend and putting some frozen fruits and veg in at least one of the Huel drinks

Who has experience with having a fully/mostly Huel diet for a long term?

I haven’t done an all Huel regimen. I’d say it accounts for roughly 60% of my total food intake weekly.

I am a fan of adding fruits like banana, apple, and berries. And today I experimented with adding vegetables to it. Cucumber, carrot, kale, and then sweetened with applesauce and strawberries. It was pretty good. So if you like doing fruit and vegetables smoothies, you’ll probably like adding them to Huel.

I also tried using a mix of V8 juice and water to mix in one of my doses. I didn’t care for it, although some people really like it.

Thanks for the reply Deron. I haven’t even received my first order yet

But I plan on doing dinner only for 1 month, but that would put me at about 1900 of my 2600 calories coming from liquid since have have smoothie for breakfast and lunch 1. Do you mix water? I use almond milk in my smoothies typically

I’ve been doing almost exclusively huel for nearly 4 weeks now. I haven’t found it particularly easy at times, but it is getting the desired result.

What has been difficult? The repitition? I am trying to maintain current weight/body fat and am very comfortable with both mostly liquid and repitition I followed a pretty traditional bodybuilders dietof chicken roceeggs and protein for years

I’ve been using Huel for about 7 weeks. The first 4 weeks was only Huel and water. 4 servings a day with 4 scoops per serving. I really liked it and looked forward to my next serving. I tried the vanilla but prefer the U/U. I don’t want the artificial sweetener. To me the unflavored tastes just as good. But even though I was consuming 16 scoops a day I was losing 1 pound a week. I was hoping to gain a few pounds. So for the past few weeks I’ve cut back to 12 scoops a day and added in a meal at night. Usually something like a couple chicken breast and fruit. My weight is back to normal so this seems to be a good combo for me. I love the convenience of Huel. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I might even give 5 scoops per serving a try…

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For my Vanilla Huel doses, I usually use all water. For unsweetened Huel, I use half cow milk, half water. For my GF’s dose, she only does Vanilla Huel and hers is in almond milk.

Vanilla Huel mixed in any milk is really nice

I found it difficult because of the monotony of it I suppose. It got to a point where I didn’t want to eat at all.