Still hungry, help!


Ok, so I’m a 270lbs male, 6 ft tall Started using Huel over a week and half ago. 2 shakes a day with frozen fruit and 3 scoops of Huel, I’ve even tried 4 scoops at times and I’m still HUNGRY??? In the past I’m usually not eating breakfast and most times, not much for lunch, but when I finally do eat it’s usually fast food and a lot of it… I’m trying to get down to a sensible weight atleast 40lbs lighter. Been back at the gym, 7 weeks now 3-4 times a week 30mins of cardio, 30-40 mins resistance training, staying away from the fast food, so I was hoping Huel to the rescue. But as I said I’m still STARVING and craving fatty meats what’s the deal?? Everyone says their getting full using Huel, what’s wrong with me!?


Huel fills me up. I’d recommend you make sure you are having enough huel. I use a Huel calculator I found on the Apple App Store to make sure I’m getting enough. Are you eating food food as well? Or all Huel?
You are also making what sounds like a dramatic change in nutrition. Your body and brain want the fast food from before. It’s like they’ve become addicted to it in a sense.


I eat a sensible dinner, lean meats(Turkey, Fish and chicken) and vegetables. I snack on fruit all day, eat granola and oatmeal. But I’m still hungry… My caloric intake to lose around a pound a week is like 2800, which I’m way under everyday just about, and even when I’m right on the 2800 mark I’m still STARVING. It’s crazy!!


3 scoops Huel is roughly 500 calories. The frozen fruit is gonna add another 50 to 100 calories, depending on how much you use. Multiply that by 2. That’s 1100 to 1200 calories from those 2 shakes.

Using this calculator, your weight, and height, assuming an age of 30, and moderate exercise you need to consume about 3000 calories per day and you’ll still lose about a pound a week.

Even if those assumptions are off a bit or you are doing a little more or less exercise than “moderate”, you are still very shy of what you probably need. Granted these are estimates, but 1100 calories ain’t even in the same ball park as to what you need for your size and your physical activity needs. Your body maintains homeostasis and is telling you that you need way more food intake. Don’t worry about needing to eat more Huel. Huel has glycemic index of only 27, so it won’t invoke a strong insulin response. Also, your regular exercise will definitely improve your insulin sensitivity. So go ahead and eat more Huel. Add some stuff to it as well.

Your starvation is true physiological starvation. Not just some psychological craving. Your cells are telling you you need more calorie intake. If you continue to restrict calories like this and try this level of exercise, your body will just feel really, really tired and you’ll be constantly Hangry.

By the way, I am 5’ 11" and used to weight 277 lbs. Right now I’m close to 200 lbs.

One day I did a 35 mile bike marathon. I put down about 4000 calories that day and didn’t think twice about it.


I remember when my wife was on Weight Watchers and they switch up plans to some sort of all the fruit and veg you could eat. A lot of people were gaining weight and the feedback was more veg, less fruit. When you say “snack on fruit all day” I wonder if you are getting a lot of sugar that is driving your hunger?

How much time is between breakfast and lunch? Maybe you would do better with spreading the Huel out more, three smaller meals.

It is curious because I am getting going on Huel and finishing up some Atkins (low carb) bars and shakes I have and I’m confused how I seem to not be as hungry … to the point I need to remember to eat.


Thanks, by the way I’m 43… more Huel? Wow, okay I already went through my first two bags in less than 3 weeks. I’m using a calorie counting app and with the Huel and food consumption I’m usually just under 3000 calories, the calorie calculator says I should be around 2800 a day a yet I’m still hungry. and definitely not losing a pound a week!! I’ve tried 4 scoops in the morning, 3 at lunch, with a dinner of lean meat and veggies… warm Huel, cold Huel and still nothing is curbing my hunger it’s crazy!!


Usually 4-5 hours between meals… idk it’s becoming very discouraging.


Have you tried a shake with two scoops Huel and 400 ml water for 300 calories? Do this four times during the day, about every three hours. Maybe the grazing is the trigger too? Even go all Huel plus dinner to get to 2800 calories.

I’m 280, 5-11, 60 yrs old and fairly inactive. Today I had a 500 cal shake at 8:30a and came home at 4:30p thinking I probably should do a second shake, wasn’t hungry but don’t really want to be.


have you tried adding fats or oils to your huel? maybe you arent counting macros like i am, but huel is largely lacking in the fats i need for the day so i add them to my shake in the morning. that should help control cravings and hunger. it sounds like youre burning through the very small amount of carbs that is in huel and then your body is telling you it needs more energy through strong lipids cravings.


I really like to snack on celery salad or something else low calorie while I am sipping on my Huel. I usually have my Huel with just water in the shaker bottle. Physically eating something while I am drinking seems to trick my body into feeling fuller than if I did not.