Still hungry, help!


Hi Drew, I know I am a day late and a dollar short on my post, but I am 46 years old; 474 lbs and 5’-11" tall and I have been using Huel for just over a week. I was at first very hungry after drinking a three scoop Huel with 16 oz of water, but my body got used to drinking a meal, and now I have to remember to either eat or drink a Huel meal. I was not a big fan of fast food restaurants, but I love Chinese food and fried chicken.
Today my regiment is a package of Oats Overnight and unsweetened Almond milk for breakfast usually around 1:00 pm, I try to get a Huel in for lunch around 4-5 pm and dinner at 7:30 pm. I sometimes forgo the dinner with just the Huel at 5 pm. I have been able to IF for 16+ hours a day now and hope to get to daily fasting.
It just takes time to get used to the change in how we get our nutrients. Do what works for you, and then your body will catch up.


I used to eat once a day, with coffee for breakfast.

Does that count as IF?

I gave it up because I was told it’s not good.

Now I have Huel for breakfast, about 3/4 cup of walnut/cashew/pecan/raisin nutmix for lunch if I’m hungry and whatever for dinner - at home we’re vegetarian, go out and I get whatever my body says would taste good. It’s surprising how much that measure has changed over years (and generally improved diet and awareness)


Oh yeah. That’s a daily 23-hr fast.

Yeah, IF can be done many different ways. 14hr each day. 16 hr each day. 18 or 20 hr each day fasting. Or, some people do a full 24 hr fast twice weekly and the other days they don’t fast. Some people do a 72 hr or 96 hr fast once per month and don’t fast the other days. Some people do an every other day “fast” where they only eat 500 calories on the “fasting” days.

One meal a day can be great if you can handle fitting all your food into one meal. Anyone who tells you this is “bad for you” is either ill informed or jelly. If you can properly function on OMAD, with no deleterious effects, then your insulin sensitivity is great and your body is very efficient. Most people are not adapted well enough to do this.


Thanks for the feedback, DBert! :+1::+1: