RTD Black - New Product?

Is there a plan to roll out Huel Black to the Ready-to-Drink line?

Hi @jphillips639 - Welcome to the Forum! :hugs:

There is no plan for this at the moment but I’ll pass the idea along to the rest of the team for consideration! If we did make this product in the future are their particular flavors you’d want to see?

Thanks Kathryn,

The lower carb and higher protein ratio make it easier to pair with the typical higher carb (lower protein) non-Huel meal later in the day. Vanilla, Caramel Coffee or Banana would be great!

Sorry just to add, I drink two per day, typically Breakfast and Lunch, both at work. Would be great to have the convenience of RTD.

I use Black powder for meals, perfect for my diet. RTD that matched the profile? I would stock up for work and the like. I think it would be massively popular.