"Order not valid" Situation

Not sure If I’m the only one experiencing this but…

I have an issue at the checkout session, this is the message that prevents me from buying Huel products:

“Cannot place order, conditions not met:
Huel Handbook: Must have at most 1 of this item.”

I tried to look around for the “Huel Handbook” but it seems to not exist anywhere on the website. I’m not sure why I need to include a handbook to my purchase, now that I can’t make my purchase because of this darn Handbook require that doesn’t appear anywhere

This is almost certainly a bug. The Handbook is something they automatically include in your first order.

Hi @Loggle,

The Huel handbook will be automatically added to the cart after you select “First order of Huel Powder? Add a Free t-shirt and shaker to your order here.”

If you receive an error place go back to your cart and add the starter kit again.