New RTD Chocolate formula?

Has the formula for RTD chocolate changed recently?
I just opened my most recent order and was unhappy to find that my staple drink tasted funny… it tasted like mocha or coffee, which I hate, so I asked hubby if it tasted different to him. He thinks the formula changed but I’m hoping that it was just misbottled with the wrong flavor.
I have dismotility in my lower esophagus that gets so bad sometimes that I’m getting even water stuck in my throat. I often end up throwing up solid food because it’s like my body can’t get it all the way down so it comes back up.
My main source of balanced and not over- sugared nutrition has been chocolate RTD. I can sometimes tolerate berry, but don’t like the other flavors.
I REALLY hope this was just an off batch, I don’t want to have to go back on the search for a complete drink option😭

Hey Brandie, I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience, we’ll get this sorted!

We we haven’t changed the formula recently. Would you mind sending me a message with the batch code so we can look into this further?

So here is the batch number. The picture of ingredients over the couch are from what I just got in. The picture over the counter is the ingredients of the previous batch I finished. It looks like the ingredients have changed at least a bit. Not sure if those changes are responsible for the taste difference.

Thanks for sending over those photos Brandie. You’re absolutely right those changes are responsible for the difference in taste. It looks like our new formula change was released earlier to you than we expected (we’re following up to see exactly why that is).

The new formula has a creamier, more caramel-like flavour. We’ve added coconut sugar for sweetness and chicory root fibre has been replaced with soluble gluco fibre.

If you could drop @Jamal_Huel a private message with your order number he can sort something out for you. Please don’t do it here as we want to keep your personal information personal to you.

Have you tried all the other flavors? If not, we can get the ones you haven’t tried out to you for free to see if there’s something to your taste.

Sorry to hear this @bcwolves. Drop me a message and Ill get it sorted for you🤞

Yup, I just got the new flavor as well. For me, it is not an improvement. Now I am stuck with three boxes. Oh well. It’s always sad when flavors change. :cry:

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I did get to try the other flavors earlier this year. My husband loves them, I do not. I am not a fan of caramel flavor, or of coffee/ mocha. The berry is tolerable on occasion, but it has an aftertaste that doesn’t set well with me. Same problem with the vanilla. Anything banana flavored should be set on fire (in my opinion).:upside_down_face:

Ah that sucks, I’m sorry! Taste is so funny because anything banana flavor I can’t get enough of.