Military discount

Does Huel offer a military discount? If so what is it.


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Hi @Cmitch1017,

Unfortunately we do not offer military discounts at the moment but expect news soon regarding organizational discounts.


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So what exactly is an organizational ?
As a veteran I am also interested in this original question.

Organizational meaning military(for both active and veterans) and student discounts.

We’re currently working with partners to implement a verification system. Unfortunately I cannot provide further details about when the system will be launched.


Looking forward to this!

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Why military discount?

Has there been any update as to whether there will be a military / organization discount provided???

Discount for Nurses? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smile: :smirk:

We are working on the military discount–should have this rolling out in 2019!


It’d be cool if you used for the discount, makes it super easy to use… also, you can let teachers have a discount too!

Any update on the military discount

We do–yes! We haven’t fully announced it because it’s just being rolled out but check out the specs here:

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Any chance you’re finished with the student discount too?

And nurses as well :slight_smile:

@Tyler_Huel - I signed up for this over the weekend as I needed to submit a copy of my DD-214. I got my code. Is this a one time use, can I use it for each order, or will it apply to my account moving forward? Thanks.

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