Why is my order taking so long?


My order has been sitting at FedEx in Texas since July 2nd. Why hasn’t it been processed yet? I’m about to drink my last Huel and I need my order.


Ive been out for almost a week. Good luck, my order is also sitting around not moving


I thought they resolved these issues. My first two orders went without a hitch. Not a good sign if this is happening to so many people.


You know if Huel would just be more transparent I would have a much easier time dealing with these delays.


It’s an unfortunate downside of ordering from the website. I’ve had one of my orders just sit idle for 5 days until I contacted them. That’s why I give a 3 week buffer for all my ordering, making sure I order the next batch at least 3 weeks before running out.


Deron, thats the only way forward. These huge time delays make it hard to incorporate a product that really involves a lifestyle change as well. I cant be the only one who uses huel to help with meal prep. I think using the auto ordering is the problem. I am going to try and bank up a bunch of bags and then replace them two by two.


Hi @wizardelite,

I would like to apologize for the delays you have experienced.

A combination of the July 4th holiday and upgrades at the fulfillment center this past week has caused some orders to be delayed.

We are working closely with our fulfillment partners to all affected orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Thank you for patience and understanding.

Please contact me if you have any questions.




Thank you for getting back to me. As a recommendation for the future, I would like to see more transparency from your company. If the holiday combined with upgrades at the fulfillment center were going to be an issue. A simple email notifying all of your customers of the potential delay would have made a tremendous difference.

However, I feel like all of us who have been affected by this delay have been left in the dark. I even sent a formal email to support@huel.com and have not heard anything back on my specific issue.

As a result, we become frustrated and a lack of trust begins to build. We vent our frustrations on forums like this and social media which in turn is a potential loss of customers for your company.

Again, I greatly appreciate your feedback on this matter. Since I have not heard anything back from the email that I sent to your company, can you at least check the status of my order #136651?

Thank you,

Chris Rodgers


@wizardelite makes a good point. I think anyone can understand that shipping delays and growing pains will happen, but y’all are going to need to step up your support game. A responsive support team keeps things like this in private conversations and out of the public, and folks satisfied that the company at the very least cares about their customers. Anythingmore than a 24 hour response time for a support team is poor and can lead to lost customers. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about my next purchase now after seeing all of these posts. Love the product, but remember it’s returning customers that keep a business like this running.



I’m experiencing the same issue. Massive delays with no end in sight. In your response to my email, you didn’t specify when you plan to ship my order that’s over a week behind schedule. I’m very frustrated, and there’s no number I can call to get additional info. I really don’t understand how a company can exist with such poor customer service. I don’t understand how communication can be so poor. Please let me know when you plan to ship order #137691. Thank you.