This stuff is life changing!

Gulf War vet here with GWI. I was injured during the war and ended up with BAD IBS with an extremely restricted diet and CFS (Chronic Fatigue). I’ve got a long list of foods that I have to avoid as a result of my GWI. Since leaving the Army I haven’t been able to gain weight and struggle to find the energy. I used to be a avid rock climber and scuba diver and wasn’t able to get the energy to do that stuff any more. As I got older it got harder and harder to get up the energy to go out. I’m a airline pilot so it’s ridiculously hard to avoid the stuff that makes me sick while flying. Things like dairy, soy, most preservatives and caffeine will ruin me for days and it’s nearly impossible to find food without those things at the airport. Before Huel I would carry 5 days of food with me every trip. I couldn’t do the Soylent and other similar products due to the preservatives, soy and dairy content then I stumbled upon Huel.

Oh my God this stuff is life changing!!!

I just finished my first bag after 3 weeks. I have so much more energy! I drink 3 of these shakes a day while on travel and it’s so easy and I don’t have to worry about what I am eating or even where to find it. And holy cow I feel like I am in my 20s again (I’m in my late 40s). No BS, I ran a 9 minute mile the other day! I haven’t done that in decades! This stuff is amazing!

It’s been nearly impossible for me to gain weight due to the lack of my bodies ability to gain nutrients from the food I eat. It just doesn’t stay in my body long enough. I’ve been between 150# and 160# for the last 30 years.

Huel has literally changed my life! I’ve started gaining weight. I’ve got a unbelievable amount of energy! I don’t fear eating and the expected emergency bathroom visits. I’m sleeping better, I feel better. Its like I took a magic pill and I am back to what I was before I got injured in the Army.

I’m part of a couple of DOD studies on Veterans with GWI and food intolerance. I am giving a full report to the head of one of the studies about Huel and how much it changed my life.

Thank you Huel! You have literally changed my life.

@Julian-Huel You rock! I can’t thank you enough for Huel. No BS here I would love to help spread the word about Huel and what it did for me.


@Av8tr you are too kind. thank you for your awesome feedback and inspirational story.

It’s heartwarming to receive feedback like this and I will certainly share it with the whole Huel team, it’s stuff like this that keeps us going through the hard time.

Thank you soooo much Jack, you rock!

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