Stomach Shrinks Fast

After 36 hours on Huel meals and no solid foods, my stomach shrunk!
I ate two plates of veggie dishes at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant and was seriously stuffed!!
Usually, the stomach is the last to go when losing weight. But not so when it’s a liquid diet. The stomach goes flat quickly.
So I see great promise in my Huel future. I will go back to being a vegan liquidarian, a Huel liquidarian.

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Good to know. Thanks for sharing this. I hope I get similar results. I am enjoying the vanilla. I am currently doing 2 scoops too 500 ml of water about 3 or so hours apart.

Forgot to say I mix mine in a blendtec and I get a very smooth texture. Only 25 seconds max

Well Spencer, that is a very good question: same results. What if you do? What if you don’t? What will change for you? Your determination? Your commitment?
I like that you monitor your intake. Those are your own individual metrics and anything that can be measured can be managed. It’s personal knowledge and feedback.
May I suggest that you take account of your changes and how you feel about the new you, since you hope to get specific results. Having expectations is commendable. You may just inspire someone to Huel if you post your results and expectations reached.
I use two scoops too for a meal because I like it well diluted. I used a Vitamix blender, but now I just shake it all in the Huel container. Voila! Done.
The pea powder may be the starch content that is too paste-like, maybe the oats since that is the first ingredient. I eat a lot of it like you too. Cheers!! (two Huel drinks clinking)

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